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Easter Egg Hunting in the Garden

The Easter Bunny arrived early this week and we spent a while in the garden hunting out the treats that he left behind!

Armed with our homemade easter gift baskets we searched high and low for the goodies, the boys not doing quite so well as the girls in the finding stakes.  It took a while as the easter bunny had hidden some of them very well but once we had found everything we shared out the treats.

And this year it wasn’t all about the chocolate (although we did get a fair bit of that!), we also had some Funky Seeds so we can grow our own popcorn plants and a magnifying glass for insect hunting in the garden – so there’s still fun to be had once the chocolate’s gone!


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Adventuring Scavenger Loveliness

We are lucky enough to have had the most beautiful scavenger hunt we have seen shared with us.

If you have an afternoon free and are wondering what to do with it, go on a beautiful scavenger hunt. We did and all the children loved it. You’ll be amazed with the things you find to tick off your list.

Take a look and if you’ve seen anything better yourself, we would love to see it! Continue reading

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