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Homemade Christmas Gift Idea – Swan Lake Ballet Outfit

swan lake outfit gift for girlI know it may be a little late in the day now but if you’re very keen and have some spare time you may be able to get some Christmas gift inspiration from this blog piece this side of Christmas. If not, maybe it might be useful for next year – or a birthday gift for a special little girl during 2012.

Last week (even then it was a little late in the day, I know) I decided that my little ballet loving daughter should have a swan lake outfit for Christmas….and that I should make it myself. I do like a bit of a challenge and love to test my creativity.

So, off I went to the material shop to see what inspiational material I could find.

Novices Take Note!!
Believe me, I am very much a novice on a sewing machine. I have made one dress for my daughter (with my lovely mother’s assistance), 2 pairs of curtains and a few creations here and there. Very rarely do I achieve a completely straight line, often there is cursing but I always absolutely love the pride Continue reading

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