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Easter Craft – Mini Gift Baskets

papercraft easter basketHave some special Easter craft fun making some pretty gifts for the special people in your life. We’ve had fun making little gift baskets for our family and friends. If you fancy a try, here’s how we did it…

  1. Drawer out your basket shape on card (see our pic below for the outline)
  2. Cut out
  3. Decorate however you wish – paints, pens, glitter, stickers, gems and more
  4. Glue together
  5. Stuff your basket with some tissue paper
  6. Top your basket with some chocolate eggs

And there you have a perfect, and yummy, Easter gift! Continue reading

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Children’s Craft Idea – Papier Mache Pigs

paper craft papier mache pigMy 5 year old had a friend round for a few hours recently so I had a little think of what I could come up with to help them have some fun without the “What shall we do?”, “I don’t want to play that”, “I want to be the mummy, not the daddy” discussions.

What I came up with I have to say I slightly regretted part way through but the end results were worth it and they had a lot of fun – though we still had the “mine’s bigger than yours”, “I’ve done more layers than you”, “mine’s pinker than yours” talk!

What was my inspiration? Papier Mache Pigs.

We had some left over balloons from a birthday party that were starting to deflate so I thought it would help me in getting rid of  droopy balloons (something that 5 year olds don’t think is necesary). They each picked a balloon and we all sat down to make Continue reading

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Children’s Craft Ideas – Fun Factual Spinny Spinner

paper craftMy 5 year old took it upon herself to make a rabbit knowledge spinner (until she needed assistance putting it all together). It was such a good idea I thought I’d share.

She had been drawing pictures and was making spider diagrams drawing lines to different bits of the things she was drawing and writing each parts name. She then decided it would be a good idea to turn the idea into a Spinny Spinner (inspired name!). She drew a picture of her favourite animal (at that moment in time it was a rabbit) and drew different rabbit related things around the edge. She then cut it into a circle and cut another circle to go over the top. With a little parental assistance we cut out a section of the upper circle and put a pin in the middle to make it spin.

The result – a Spinny Spinner of rabbit facts with great pictures and facts: Continue reading

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Christmas Craft Fun – Christmas Angels

christmas angel papercraftOnce again we’ve been preparing our home for Christmas and this time we decided to create an angel or ten to decorate our shelves, window ledges and fireplaces.

They’re really easy to make which is great but it does mean you can quickly end up with a flight (the actual name for a group of angels, I looked it up) of angels.

They’re great fun for 2 year olds and 10 year olds alike (though your 2 year old will most definitely need a lot of assistance to make sure there isn’t a wonky fairy in the flight!).

What you need for your your angel:

  • paper (relatively stiff)
  • scissors
  • a compass, circular things to draw round or a stead circle drawing hand
  • pens, glitter, Continue reading
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