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Autumn Mushrooming

Autumn is the perfect time for putting on the wellies and getting out and about mushroom hunting.Mushroom

Field Mushrooms are usually found after rain in fields grazed by cattle or horses and sometimes in parks and on lawns.  It has a white cap and grows between 3-10cm diameter, umbrella shaped with pink gills underneath that change to red-brown then dark brown as they get older. They can easily be confused with other poisonous mushrooms so if in doubt don’t eat them!!  Why not involve the whole family and make it a competition to find the most or the biggest mushroom.

If the Mushrooms manage to elude you this Autumn why not try growing your own, they’re ideal for children and
perfect for the winter months.

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Our Make Your Own Dreamcatcher, Nature Style

While at a local family festival last month we were lucky enough to be able to create our own nature dreamcatcher. Our 6 year old loves all things fairy and mystical so it was a fantastic craft session for her.

For those in the dark (so to speak), a dreamcatcher is hung above your bed to keep out bad dreams. Good dreams are flowing and clear so can easily find their way through the dreamcatcher to find their dreamer. Bad dreams are confused and confusing so get tangled in the web and are kept from turning a happy dreamer into a dreamer of nightmares. Who wouldn’t want one of those?

Fancy giving it a try?

We had some expert assistance from one of the lovely volunteers at the festival but with a little demonstration we were able to quickly get the hang of it. We’re sure you could make one yourself.

Firstly, go off on a little woodland walk somewhere near you to collect some treasures to decorate your dreamcatcher. Then you just need to Continue reading

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Easter Egged Out

nature walk family afternoon

Feeling a little Easter egged out we decided some fresh air and exercise was definitely needed to stop us going pop. Not least because I’m sure we’ll manage a little more Easter egg before bedtime!

We plumped (note the chicken and therefore egg reference!) for a walk around a fishing lake about a 15 minute drive away. We drove through Continue reading

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Autumn Nature Treasure Fun

Every season has its fun and today we made the most of the outdoor Autumn loveliness. It may have been a little rainy but that didn’t put us off, in fact, it made it all the better.Autumn Park Treasure Walk

We decided to go on an outdoor half term nature treasure hunt. We took our treasure bag (well plastic bag actually but little minds have great imagination), our wellies, umbrellas and waterproofs and went for a walk in the park.

We decided to just see what we could find but another fun option is to make a list of things to try and find before you go.

We had a lot of fun rummaging through the autumn leaves Continue reading

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