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Our Top 5 for Autumn Fun

The nights are getting darker and at Dylan and Grace we’re considering putting the heating on so Autumn must be well and truly here.  But there’s still fun to be had and below we’ve listed our top 5 things to do in Autumn.

1)   Blackberrying – Who knew crawling around in prickly bushes could be so much fun, plus there’s the added bonus of a blackberry crumble at the end of your hard work.

2)   Conker Fights – crack open those horse-chestnuts and get your conkers ready for the annual autumn cocker fights.  There’s also an old wives tale that if you put them in the corner of your house it keeps the spiders away! Continue reading

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How many conkers?!!

All children love conker season but having bags of conkers lying on the sideboard, in the bedroom, in the garden can get a bit annoying. We have a couple of ideas to have some conker fun before you throw them discreetly into the garden waste.

  1. And probably most important in my opinion, did you know that conkers are a very good spider deterrent?Conker Faces and Bugs Put them in the corners of your rooms to keep the little creepers away. Especially great this time of year – the time we often call spider season! Don’t believe us? Google it. OK, some people don’t believe it but I say it’s worth a try!
  2. Prettify your conkers. We had a lot of fun creating conker faces, insects and just plain beaufitul. This is a pic of some of our creations, I’m sure you’ll agree they won’t make the Tate Modern but we did have some fun!
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Conker season is here!

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are turning brown, the wind is getting cooler and the jumpers are coming out. Oh… and the conkers are getting ready to jump from the trees! Hurray!

our conker stashThis afternoon we’ve had a lot of autumn fun stamping on conkers and finding how many conkers are living inside. Rather excitingly, we have a fiver!! 5 littles conkers all in one (rather large) conker that very nearly knocked out a 23 month old as he was running under the trees. 5 conkers in one! Smashing!

Our tips on how to make sure you get a full hoard:

  • Take a football – throw it up at the conker heavy branches, both fun and exercise!
  • Take a rake – if there’s something to stand on it’s like an extra long arm!
  • Take a good climber – our 33 year old child was quite happy climbing trees and Continue reading
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