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Autumn Mushrooming

Autumn is the perfect time for putting on the wellies and getting out and about mushroom hunting.Mushroom

Field Mushrooms are usually found after rain in fields grazed by cattle or horses and sometimes in parks and on lawns.  It has a white cap and grows between 3-10cm diameter, umbrella shaped with pink gills underneath that change to red-brown then dark brown as they get older. They can easily be confused with other poisonous mushrooms so if in doubt don’t eat them!!  Why not involve the whole family and make it a competition to find the most or the biggest mushroom.

If the Mushrooms manage to elude you this Autumn why not try growing your own, they’re ideal for children and
perfect for the winter months.

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Out and about for half term

Following the excitement of the jubilee we were very much raring to go with our half term fun.

There’s nothing like a trip out to the farm and so we decided what better way to keep the jubilee excitement going than head off for an afternoon out. We had a little excursion out to a local farm/farm shop/garden centre recently and spent a good few hours enjoying some family time with friends.

Many garden centres and farms offer a variety of different things to do and keep you occupied for an hour or two. many of them don’t have an entry charge either.

We took along a picnic and made a day of it. Here’s a few of our pics to show you how much fun can be found for very little expenditure!

A little “Pick your own”? Don’t mind if we do!

Continue reading

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Hurrah, pick your own season has begun!

strawberry picking childrenJune has arrived along with the pick you own season. We could wait no longer so decided to head straight down to the pick your own farm now summer is here.

Sadly only strawberries are in season at the moment but another few weeks and raspberries will be ready for the picking along with gooseberries followed by blackcurrants and blackberries. Then we shall be off again…

Many pick your own farms have additional entertainment to keep children amused all day. One of our local pick your own farms (Rectory Farm in Oxfordshire) has a bouncy castle, sandpit and outdoor cafe, another (Millet’s Farm in Abingdon) has a full garden centre, animals, shop and cafe/restaurant. Both also have great picnic areas.

So, why not make a day of it? Pick your own in the morning, picnic with pick your own pudding and lots of play to work it all off.

On top of everything, it’s a great way to get children eating their 5 a day all in one go! Children are much more likely to give Continue reading

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Afternoon Bus Museum Fun

We decided on a bank holiday weekend trip to the bus museum at Long Hanborough in Oxfordshire. We’ve been there before and the lure of a vintage bus ride helped us decide to pay another visit – the fact the children love it helps too.

The bus museum is on the side of the Long Hanborough railway station so if you’re lucky you also get to see trains passing by, picking up passengers and heading off again. Also handy if you fancy a visit to the museum and train travel is the way you prefer to get around!

Once we’d got our tickets we entered the main part of the museum and were welcomed by the abandoned bus, set up like most of the buses are found. The best bit for the chidren was trying to spot all the different animals and keep walking past the owl and frog to make them hoot and ribbit!

Within the museum there are some very old buses and bikes – the old Royal Mail delivery bike (those postmen must have had some strong legs!) and the penny farthing were particularly interesting to us. There is a selection of old buses that you can climb in and have a look around – we had great fun waving to each other from different buses – and a Continue reading

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Family Fun at the Farm…

children's farm goatA little bit of sunshine, a spare day in half term, what better thing to do than take a trip to the farm?

Usually we’d pack a picnic but with nothing but chocolate eggs in the house we picked up our raincoats (just in case!) and headed over to the farm.

We’re very lucky to have Cogges Manor Farm just around the corner from us. The perfect farm day trip.

On arrival we were greeted by wooden pigs and sheep to have a play on before we said hello to the animals and had more fun in the farm.

If you live close by and are thinking of a trip for the afternoon, here’s an idea of what to expect…

What we saw:

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Easter Egged Out

nature walk family afternoon

Feeling a little Easter egged out we decided some fresh air and exercise was definitely needed to stop us going pop. Not least because I’m sure we’ll manage a little more Easter egg before bedtime!

We plumped (note the chicken and therefore egg reference!) for a walk around a fishing lake about a 15 minute drive away. We drove through Continue reading

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Family Afternoon Out – Ice Skating Sensation

For the first time in almost 20 years (that really does make me feel old!!) I took to the ice this weekend – that is at an ice skating rink, not out on local pond despite the weather possibly allowing. I wasn’t that great 20 years ago and I have to admit I wasn’t completely sure how I’d get on. Luckily I had a pair of 5 year olds to blame for me having to go very slowly and hesitantly(!?!).

Our 5 year old is really quite hesitant when it comes to all things physical and normally takes a lot of encouragement and confidence building before she’ll properly get involved. However, I was really surprised. We had quite a lot of bambi legs to start with (the 5 year old not me) but a strong Mummy arm kept her more or less upright. After a little while – about an hour actually but Continue reading

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Intergalatic Fun – Space Centre Fun Day

milton keynes space centerFor Father’s Day this year, my children promised to take their Daddy to the National Space Centre in Leicester (he’s a bit of an amateur astronomer). Day to day life crept in on many occasion meaning we finally took him to space this weekend – almost 6 months late, whoops.

On arriving at the space centre we were greeted with a floating spaceman and then entered through space style doors just to get us even more in the mood.

It was a really fun afternoon out. There were a lot of activites for the children (we didn’t have to queue for any but do bear in mind that we went in November) including simulated jumping on the moon, space rubbings, lego making in space gloves and hit the flashing lights reactions test.

There were also so many things to look at and, as a space loving family, we found out lots on interesting facts and figures about space missions and got up to date with the very latest space news. We also went inside the columbus shuttle and saw how an astronaut sleeps and showers (neither looked very relaxing!), created a storm in a weather sphere and shared roles as spaceman and control tower.

The best part of all though, was Continue reading

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Christmas Inspiration Afternoon Out

We were at a loose end today so went on a little trip to a couple of local garden centres to have a look at their Christmas decorations and gifts. We’re really starting to feel that Christmas spirit creeping in so looking around the Christmas gifts, lights, decorations, and displays is a lot of fun and gets the Christmas craft ideas flowing.

We had a look around the displays first to get us well into the Christmas mood. We discussed what it would be like to live in the model Christmas village, we all agreed it would be pretty special.

christmas model fairgroundchristmas model villagechristmas village decorationschristmas model village

Then we looked at decorations and decided which we might like to have one day (I emphasise the “one day” as Continue reading

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