Snow Fun – Animal Track Hunting

We had a fun walk to school this morning looking for animal tracks in the snow. “We would have have missed all this if we’d gone in the car” – 5 year old thumbs up despite the “please can we go in the car” protests before leaving home.

What did we find? Unfortunately, despite walking through the usually squirrel filled cemetery, the squirrels were safely tucked up warm in their holes, we were all slightly disappointed. However we did find some cool bird tracks and a variety of different sixed dogs prints – I’m not very good at identifying dogs by looking at them let alone from their paw prints. However we did see big dog prings and small dog prints!!!

We will have another look on the way home later to see if we can find any other animals that have ventured out. Let us know what you find.

bird now animal tracks

Don’t forget, if you ever want to keep an animal track print forever, take a look at our animal print casting kit in our children’s nature gifts collection. Not sure how it would work in snow mind!?


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