Dylan and Grace’s Top 10 Half Term Activities

So here in Oxfordshire it seems we have had half term a week before everyone else. We thought we’d share the Dylan and Grace team’s activities this week in case your thinking cap is struggling for ideas for next week:

  1. Take a trip to a friends – team up with your friends to have some play dates. You can enjoy a chat and cup of tea and the children can burn off energy together!
  2. Take a trip to nanny’s – children love a sleepover and half term is a great time to send the children off to nanny’s for a night. You get the night off and they’ll undoubtedly stay up late which means they’ll have an early night the following night too!
  3. Take a trip to a garden centre – many garden centres will put on activities for children over half term. One close by encouraged children to make and decorate their own birdhouse, another had craft events on including decopatch and birdfeeder making.
  4. Paint, paint, paint – on at least 2 occasions this half term we had strings of paintings across the dining room. Children love to paint and if you add in some cut up vegetables or scavenge the garden for items to paint with, it’s even more fun!
  5. Baking – get out your bowls and spoons and get baking. We’ve had yummy biscuits and fairy cakes so far. We have also had a delightful green and blue cake/biscuit/”flat thing”. We  simply put out a selection of ingredients and let the children mix up their own cake and cooked it. I have tasted worse!
  6. Have an indoor play day – we had a whole day where we played with “forgotten” toys. We have lots of fun with play dough, lego, dollies, board games, magnet fishing and lots more.
  7. Soft play – our tip if you fancy some soft play and want to avoid the inevitable half term craziness? Look to see what time they close and go about 2 hours before closing. Our local soft play closes at 6pm and if we arrive at 4pm we almost have the place to ourselves. It’s also a great way to tire the children out before bed!
  8. Go out for lunch – it’s a bit to cold for picnics just yet but let the children pick a tea shop to visit to for lunch. Let them pick from the menu themselves and give them money to pay. We had a selection of puddings to share, no savories. Oh well, it is half term after all!
  9. Woodland walk – put on your wellies and woolies and head to the woods. See if you can find animal tracks in the mud (or snow!), take a sandwich to eat as you walk, try and look for budding flowers or plants and guess what they are, play hide and seek in the trees, stand as quite as you can and see what you can hear. So much fun can be had despite it being a little less than warm!
  10. Enjoy! Many of us don’t get much time to spend with our babies so when things get a bit heated, try using that deep breathing technique, make everyone a cup of tea or hot chocolate and smile. It’s half term!

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas. Do share any of your favourite activities. Oh, and enjoy the tidying up!!

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