Junk Doggie – Recycling Creations

children's recylcing craftWhat to do with a spare couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon? Search through your recycling box and see what inspiration you can find. Add in a few bits and bobs from your craft box and the world is your recycled oyster.

We started creating without exactly knowing what the end result would be. We’re pretty pleased with the resulting pull-along puppy. Now to find a home for it before, in a few weeks, it quietly makes its way back into the box where it came from!!

Fancy making a pull along puppy?

  • You need a toilet roll, 2 empty cotton reels, 2 pipe cleaners, string, cardboard, yoghurt pot and a vegetable box
  • Cut 4 sections out of the bottom of the toilet roll
  • children's recycled puppyCut the second and fifth struts on the bottom in half
  • Attach your cotton reels with pipe cleaners
  • Cut out a head and tail shape on cardboard
  • Attach the tail to the toilet roll
  • Draw your face and stick onto the toilet roll
  • Tie on you string lead
  • Give it a paint if you fancy and hey presto, a rolling puppy!
  • Add a yoghurt pot bowl and a vegetable box kennel for extra amazingness!

Why not make a cat or zebra – or push the boat out and create a giraffe or elephant!

If you want to make extra spectacular recycled craft, take a look at our find and make space pod or find and make robot. Great ideas for a Saturday craft project or great gifts for hands on children.

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