Homemade Advent Calendars – Christmas Crafting…

Only traditional advent calendars are allowed in our house. No chocolate Hello Kitty calendars here I’m afraid. Luckily we have very little resistance to this – as yet! This year we decided to create our own advent calendar to add to the 2 traditional calendars already lined up on our mantlepiece waiting for 1st December.

Here’s how we did it, it’s very easy so do give it a try. To help keep the suspense of what’s behind each door, why not get everyone to create one and then swap so they’ve no idea what lies underneath.

Our easy guide…
What you need:

  1. 2 x pieces of card
  2. Very sharp scissors/knife (for the grown up!)
  3. Glue
  4. Pens – or other decorating tools if you fancy

What you do:

  1. Draw a lovely Christmas scene on one of the pieces of card
  2. Turn over the card and draw 24 squares (or other shapes if you feel so inclined)
  3. Cut out 3 sides of each square to make the doors DON’T CREASE/OPEN THE DOORS (out tip – if you use a pen knife or similar, score on the side you’ve drawn the squares and then cut through from the picture side, this minimises jaggedy edges on the picture)
  4. Put your picture right side up onto the the second piece of card
  5. Number each of the squares from 1-24 in very small numbers
  6. Carefully draw round the edges of the doors without opening them too far
  7. Your second sheet of card now has lots of squares on it
  8. Draw pictures in each of your squares – or write little sentences if you’d rather
  9. Put glue around all your little pictures
  10. Stick your calendar front on the top
  11. Wait for December first and let the excitement commence!

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