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Our Top 5 Favourite Stocking Fillers…

Magnets Stocking FillerThe bells are getting ready to jingle, Father Christmas has ironed his suit and the elves are busy with wrap and ribbon. We’re very excited about next month’s visitor already – as our the Dylan and Grace children.

We thought we’d share with you the top Dylan and Grace stocking fillers – as selected by Father Christmas’ elves themselves!

  1. Animal Tracks Casting Kit – ideal for Christmas morning after those reindeer have left garden tracks!
  2. All About Magnetism Set – who doesn’t love putting magnets north to north and south to south to see them move all on their own!
  3. Medal Making Kit – have fun making lots of medals while also learning all about British medals, what they’re called, what they look like, who received them and when.
  4. Magnifying Bug Box – can you tell me it isn’t fun to see what insects look like up close and personal?
  5. Find & Make Robot Kit – everything you need to create a cool (and environmental friendly) robot – just add your recycling box!

Take a look at the other stocking fillers on offer at Dylan and Grace – just be quick before the elves snap them all up for themselves!

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Our Top 5 for Autumn Fun

The nights are getting darker and at Dylan and Grace we’re considering putting the heating on so Autumn must be well and truly here.  But there’s still fun to be had and below we’ve listed our top 5 things to do in Autumn.

1)   Blackberrying – Who knew crawling around in prickly bushes could be so much fun, plus there’s the added bonus of a blackberry crumble at the end of your hard work.

2)   Conker Fights – crack open those horse-chestnuts and get your conkers ready for the annual autumn cocker fights.  There’s also an old wives tale that if you put them in the corner of your house it keeps the spiders away! Continue reading

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