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Train Spotters R Us

Do you ever see signs to exhibitions running at your local village or town hall and just walk straight by? We recommend that next time you have a little wander in. We have wandered past the sign to a local scout train exhibition on a few occasions in the last couple of years. We’ve always been on our way somewhere else or haven’t had time to take a look. How silly were we? We saw the sign up for the coming exhibition this time and made a special effort to go along for a look.

A few hours later, a ploughmans, several slices of cake, a few cups of tea and a jug of squash down, and a pair of earrings and necklace up, we were happy and train’ed up.

There were several miniature railways set up, including a 6 inch high thomas the tank engine and friends!! Some trains had steam pumping out the engines, others were picking up cargo, some had working signals. Our favourite was the Welsh railway village (pictured) with it’s doughnut shop, pub, church and cows. We had great difficulty walking away from that one!

Once we’d had our fill of trains, and had managed not to purchase any of the fantastic trainage on offer, we sat in the waiting room with a cup of tea and cake while the younger members of the party sat with their squash and watched Thomas doing his thing.

On the way out we even had a lucky dip and won a beautiful (!) pair of earrings and equally special necklace.

So next time you wander past a local exhibition, wander in and have a look. You’ll be supporting a local group as well as possibly stumbling on a little gem of a few hours.

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