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Dylan and Grace’s Top 10 Half Term Activities

So here in Oxfordshire it seems we have had half term a week before everyone else. We thought we’d share the Dylan and Grace team’s activities this week in case your thinking cap is struggling for ideas for next week:

  1. Take a trip to a friends – team up with your friends to have some play dates. You can enjoy a chat and cup of tea and the children can burn off energy together!
  2. Take a trip to nanny’s – children love a sleepover and half term is a great time to send the children off to nanny’s for a night. You get the night off and they’ll undoubtedly stay up late which means they’ll have an early night the following night too!
  3. Take a trip to a garden centre – many garden centres will put on activities for children over half term. One close by encouraged children to make and decorate their own birdhouse, another had craft events on including decopatch and birdfeeder making.
  4. Paint, paint, paint – on at least 2 occasions this half term we had strings of paintings across the dining room. Children love to paint and if you add in some cut up Continue reading
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Olympic Torch Excitement

On Monday the Olympic Torch reached day 52 of its travels around the uk and visited our little village.  There was much excitement as all the residents lined the streets with flags and whistles, children had their face painted and the local pubs got involved with bouncy castles, BBQs and music to keep us going whilst we waiting.  There was a wonderful atmosphere as the village came together to cheer on the torch bearer and to see the handover of the torch to the next runner.  Here at Dylan and Grace we’re very much full of Olympic spirit, so check back soon for some fun and sporty ideas for the your Olympic launch party!  In the meantime, here are some interesting facts about the torch.

  •  8000 circles perforate the torch design representing each of the 8000 torch bearers
  • The triangular shape of the torch symbolises a series of “three’s” the Olympic values of respect, excellence and friendship; the three words that make up the Olympic motto – faster, higher, stronger and the UK hosting the Olympics for the 3rd time.
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When should the stabilisers come off?

bike ridingI’m talking literal stabilisers here. Our 5 year old is bright little thing. Very quick to learn, loves to draw and write stories, loves doing wordsearches, making up games, has many imaginary friends and a very vivid imagination. However, ask her to do something physical and you’re getting into more difficult territory. So when should the stabilisers come off?

Our 2 year old loves to jump and run and bang himself and fall over and get up again and fall over again. He has done since he was very small. He was jumping when he wasn’t much more than a year old and really has little physical fear – which for adults is terrifying! However, our 5 year old was well over 2 before she could jump, was over 5 before she could swim without armbands (despite being able to swim with almost airless armbands for 2 years) and was around 5 before she could even ride a bike with stabilisers (she was however Continue reading

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New Product Excitement

At Dylan and Grace we love finding new and exciting products for our customers and the first of our new Spring range arrived at the office last week.

There was much excitement as we opened the boxes to the first 3 new lines for Spring.  They’re already on our website but here’s a brief description of each of them! Continue reading

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Latest Gifts – Little Experience Arrives at Dylan and Grace

children's craft gift kitThe latest additions to, what we believe is, our great collection of children’s gift arrived last week. There was much excitement amongst the Dylan and Grace product testers as they peered inside the new boxes.

Little Experience is a great collection of children’s gift cases. We hand selected 8 which we love.

The digger and dumper gift kit is for 4 years and upwards but our 2 and a half year old was chomping at the bit to give it a go.

Our 5 and 6 year olds couldn’t wait to get their hands on the sewing and knitting kits and our 9 year old tester was very keen to get out the glue and start on his birdhouse making kit.

Take a look at the latest Continue reading

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Mothering Sunday Delights

Gifts for Mother's DayWell we hope everyone has had a wonderful Mothering Sunday. The Dylan and Grace mummys got some beautiful gifts so we thought we’d collectively share our delights for the fathers to come across next year when they’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas! Or for upcoming gifts for Mummys’ birthdays…

  • Breakfast in bed – I actually put in a word on Saturday evening to my 5 year old of a cup of tea and toast to make sure I didn’t get a full English as I did last year. Bless my wonderful husband for doing it but I really can’t cope with that first thing (and I mean first thing) on a Sunday morning. If you’ve a specific request, I suggest you do the same.
  • Beautiful flowers – I was lucky enough to get 2 lots! Daffodils from my 2 year old and roses from my 5 year old. Unfortunately roses with thorns aren’t the greatest choice for a 5 year old to deliver.
  • A bowl of chocolates – maltesers, freddo, giant chocolate buttons, caramel chocolates….yum!
  • Peace and quiet for a little while – unfortunately I didn’t get very much of that at all but who am I to complain when I was Continue reading
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Our Latest Children’s Nature Gifts…

childrens nature gift casting animal tracksAs always there was much excitement at Dylan and Grace last week when the latest 5 additions to our Nature Gift section arrived.

We love to have a play and test with new products to make sure we love them as much as we thought we would. There is always particular excitement amongst the Dylan and Grace children to see which gifts they’re allowed to test drive!

So, what new additions do we have?

Visit our nature gift section for more information or to buy!

We’ll be testing them over the coming days so keep an eye out for blog posts on how much fun we’ve had!

magnetic gift set for childrenchildrens wildflower nature giftchildrens nature giftnature gift kit for children

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Splendid – Fireworks Musiculaire

Firework Night Local DisplayIf you have very excited children, desperate to make the most of firework night, and you’re wondering what to do to make it fun. Have a look in your local paper or have a quick look online to see what’s going on near you.

This evening we had a fantastic time at a local village firework display. That may make it sound a small affair but it really wasn’t. A playing field, a few fairground stalls and rides, a BBQ, some mulled wine and hot chocolate and 20 minutes of spectacular fireworks to music. Our 2 year old and 5 year old absolutely loved it – well until 10 minutes in when the 2 year old changed their mind and fell asleep!!!

Last year we had fireworks in the garden and it was great. However it cost about 5 times as much as a trip to the local event, the main firework (a twenty-oner apparently) only managed a fizzle and we had to feed 10 people. It was a lot of fun but jumping in the car and spending an hour on a mild autumn evening was much simpler and had a great community feel.

I’m sure there’s an event near you so don’t be fooled that fireworks in the garden is the only or easy option. There’s lots of firework fantastic, community fun to be had out there.

P.S. If anyone’s anywhere near West Oxfordshire around November 5th next year, take a visit to Long Hanborough Fireworks to Music. They’re something special!

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Christmas Comes Early

Christmas came early here at Dylan and Grace last weekend, we dug out the Christmas tree, dusted of the ornaments and did a Christmas gift photoshoot to show off some of our new product and get you all in the mood for the festive season.

Our 6 and 8 year olds had a fabulous day checking out the autumn range, helping to stage the shots and modelling for the photos.  Our new images will be up on the site soon but in the meantime here are the childrens top 3 lines from the day;

  1. Our New Spotty and Pirate Sailing YachtsChild's Pirate Sailing Yacht
    Hours of fun was spent racing these across the village pond and despite a small disaster when one got stuck in some weeds (a big stick and a big child rescued the situation). They were the favourite of the day.
  2. Earthworm Nursery
    Anything that involves mud and insects makes our little boy very happy!
  3. Fairy Princess Cupcake and Cookie Party Set
    Pretty, princesses, pink and involves cake – what’s not to like!

Take a look and let us know which your favourites are, we’d love to hear from you.

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Welcome to the Dylan and Grace blog

Hi there and welcome to the Dylan and Grace blog. On top of offering a wide range of children’s toys, games and gifts, all with the aim of inspiring your children’s imaginations, we decided we would also love to share any little inspirations, findings, thoughts and experiences to help spread the world of imaginary and exploratory play – the best kind!

If you’ve anything you want to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy sharing with us – oh, and don’t forget to visit our main site too –

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