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Craft ideas for having fun with your children. Use the craft materials you have lying around your house to have lots of craft fun – including great homemade gift ideas.

Dylan and Grace’s Top 10 Half Term Activities

So here in Oxfordshire it seems we have had half term a week before everyone else. We thought we’d share the Dylan and Grace team’s activities this week in case your thinking cap is struggling for ideas for next week:

  1. Take a trip to a friends – team up with your friends to have some play dates. You can enjoy a chat and cup of tea and the children can burn off energy together!
  2. Take a trip to nanny’s – children love a sleepover and half term is a great time to send the children off to nanny’s for a night. You get the night off and they’ll undoubtedly stay up late which means they’ll have an early night the following night too!
  3. Take a trip to a garden centre – many garden centres will put on activities for children over half term. One close by encouraged children to make and decorate their own birdhouse, another had craft events on including decopatch and birdfeeder making.
  4. Paint, paint, paint – on at least 2 occasions this half term we had strings of paintings across the dining room. Children love to paint and if you add in some cut up Continue reading
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Junk Doggie – Recycling Creations

children's recylcing craftWhat to do with a spare couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon? Search through your recycling box and see what inspiration you can find. Add in a few bits and bobs from your craft box and the world is your recycled oyster.

We started creating without exactly knowing what the end result would be. We’re pretty pleased with the resulting pull-along puppy. Now to find a home for it before, in a few weeks, it quietly makes its way back into the box where it came from!!

Fancy making a pull along puppy?

  • You need a toilet roll, 2 empty cotton reels, 2 pipe cleaners, string, cardboard, yoghurt pot and a vegetable box
  • Cut 4 sections out of the bottom of the toilet roll Continue reading
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Create Your Own Name Masterpiece

children's name wall masterpieceThere was a bit of a space on our 6 year old’s bookshelf so we decided we may as well fill it. We had a hunt around to decide what masterpiece to create and what special materials we could use to do it. We happened upon our fabric basket and the solution to our empty space problem solution popped right out.

We skipped off to the Thursday town market and bought 3 8×6 photo frames. Then came home and got out our scissors, blue tack and fabric basket.

About an hour later, hey presto, where there once was a gap is now a pretty, patterned name masterpiece.

Fancy a go? Here’s our guide:

  1. Choose which fabrics to use for each background and each fabric letter. If you don’t have a fabric basket, you can usually get off cuts from a material shop or market – or take a look in charity shops for old curtains or flowery dresses. As an alternative, you could Continue reading
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Our Make Your Own Dreamcatcher, Nature Style

While at a local family festival last month we were lucky enough to be able to create our own nature dreamcatcher. Our 6 year old loves all things fairy and mystical so it was a fantastic craft session for her.

For those in the dark (so to speak), a dreamcatcher is hung above your bed to keep out bad dreams. Good dreams are flowing and clear so can easily find their way through the dreamcatcher to find their dreamer. Bad dreams are confused and confusing so get tangled in the web and are kept from turning a happy dreamer into a dreamer of nightmares. Who wouldn’t want one of those?

Fancy giving it a try?

We had some expert assistance from one of the lovely volunteers at the festival but with a little demonstration we were able to quickly get the hang of it. We’re sure you could make one yourself.

Firstly, go off on a little woodland walk somewhere near you to collect some treasures to decorate your dreamcatcher. Then you just need to Continue reading

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1…lift off – space is great

As you may know we’re big space fans at Dylan and Grace, so when Mister Maker did a spaceship minute make there was much excitement at the prospect of making our own version.

We had some leftover jubilee union jack plates and bowls and decided a union jack bottomed spaceship would be pretty special! We covered our spaceships in tin foil for a special space effect but you could decorate then however you fancy.

Once created there was a lot of fun had flying the spaceships around, spinning the wool to have spaceships that spin all by themselves and pretending to be aliens.

How we made our spaceship: Continue reading

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Veggiefriends – Vegetable Fun

Barnado’s came into our 5 year old’s school this week and explained all the good work they do. To encourage the children to think about how Barnardo’s helps and look after children, we had to make a veggiefriend and look after it.

Although it’s easy to get carried away at the supermarket buying all sorts of exotic fruit and vegetables and spending 20 minutes getting ideas online (not mentioning any names 5 year old’s Daddy!), you can also have fun with whatever happens to be in your fruit bowl or vegetable basket. You can even cook it up afterwards if you’re allowed.

We made an aubergine penguin but there were all sorts of creations – potatoes with cress grown for hair, giraffes made from a potato for the body and carrots for the long neck and legs. There were lots of raisin eyes and cut out mouths. A nice display of imagination!

On top of all the fun, it was a great way to give our 5 year old a lesson in carefully using a sharp knife – extremely, extremely supervised. She really enjoyed having the responsibilty and loved feeling very grown up.

Get creative and give it a try. If you have fun doing it – why not thank Barnado’s with a couple of pounds for the idea.

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Rainy Day Fun

Well it’s raining, and doesn’t look like stopping any time soon, at Dylan and Grace we love to have fun whatever the weather so thought we’d share with you our top 5 things to do in the rain.

1) Put on your wellies and raincoat and head outside.  Jumping in puddles is sure to put a smile on your face and when you get home be sure to warm up with a lovely hot chocolate!

2)  An afternoon of creativity, Dylan and Grace have lots of craft kits to choose from but this sock dog is one our favourites.

3)  Camping doesn’t have to be just for outdoors, grab some blankets and drape over furniture to create your own indoor tent.  Furnish with lots of cushions, sleeping bags and blankets for a cosy hideaway

4) Dig out a board game and get the whole family involved in an afternoon of competitive game playing

5)  Get baking, whip up some tasty treats in the kitchen.  Here’s one of our favourite flapjack recipes for you to try;


110g light brown sugar

175g butter

175g porridge oats

1 tablespoon of golden syrup


1)  Heat the sugar, butter and golden syrup in a large saucepan until melted.

2)  Once melted, take off the heat and mix in the porridge oats

3)  Spoon mixture into a square baking tin and bake in the oven for 40 mins on 150’c

4)  Remove from over and cool for 10 mins before cutting into slices, wait until completely cool before removing from the tin

Whatever you choose to do, have fun and let us have your ideas for things to do on a rainy day.




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Easter Craft – Mini Gift Baskets

papercraft easter basketHave some special Easter craft fun making some pretty gifts for the special people in your life. We’ve had fun making little gift baskets for our family and friends. If you fancy a try, here’s how we did it…

  1. Drawer out your basket shape on card (see our pic below for the outline)
  2. Cut out
  3. Decorate however you wish – paints, pens, glitter, stickers, gems and more
  4. Glue together
  5. Stuff your basket with some tissue paper
  6. Top your basket with some chocolate eggs

And there you have a perfect, and yummy, Easter gift! Continue reading

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Eggcellent Easter Paint and Craft

We love having a festival to focus on when it comes to having craft and creative fun. With Easter just around the corner we have lots of ideas for having some eggstra special fun!

Today’s fun was painting, sticking and creating our own special Easter eggs. We tried to think of different ways to make creations and found quite a few!

Here’s some ideas if you want to create your own:

  • Go out an about to see what you can find to craft onto your egg – our Snuffles the Hedgehog was inspired from our 5 year old spotting (and pocketing) a tiny cast off piece of broom head on the floor of our local DIY store! You’ll be able to find lots of treasures in the garden too.
  • Raid the recyling bin for packaging, boxes and more. At our school egg making competition we saw a king egg on an egg box throne in a cardboard box castle!
  • Get out the paint and make pretty patterns.
  • Recreate a nest either with real twigs or crushed shredded wheat mixed with Continue reading
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Nature Pictures in the Garden

When the sun is shining, we always try and find something to do outside. Today we decided on nature pictures from the delights of our garden

We had a little hunt around the garden to find some treasures, collected them all up in a little basket and sat down at the garden table with our creative heads on.

With some glue, scissors, pens and paper we created some masterpieces.

We had a lot of fun so get outside next time it’s sunny and see what masterpieces of your own you can create.

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