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Autumn Mushrooming

Autumn is the perfect time for putting on the wellies and getting out and about mushroom hunting.Mushroom

Field Mushrooms are usually found after rain in fields grazed by cattle or horses and sometimes in parks and on lawns.  It has a white cap and grows between 3-10cm diameter, umbrella shaped with pink gills underneath that change to red-brown then dark brown as they get older. They can easily be confused with other poisonous mushrooms so if in doubt don’t eat them!!  Why not involve the whole family and make it a competition to find the most or the biggest mushroom.

If the Mushrooms manage to elude you this Autumn why not try growing your own, they’re ideal for children and
perfect for the winter months.

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Family Festival Fun – Take Home Ideas

pond dipping for childrenThe sun was shining last weekend and we were lucky enough to have a Family Festival being hosted just a few miles from us at Hill End, Oxford. There was a lot of open space for children to stretch their legs and lots of exciting things to do to stretch their imaginations.

We had a lot of fun so I thought I’d share some of things we did that you can do at home and when out and about:

  • Create a mud kitchen – a lot of fun (and mess) was had in the mud kitchen. To recreate at home (well, we recommend in the garden!!) simply get a bowl or bucket, fill it with some mud (we suggest supervised mud collecting if you’ve just planted your spring bulbs!) add a little water, then simply let the fun begin. If you can add some spoons and smaller bowls or plates to the mix, all the better. Just don’t expect a clean child to walk back through the back door when they’re done!
  • Junk modelling – Weave Recycle had a stand at the event with lots of discarded materials from business and industry. Children were able to use their imaginations to create all sorts of models, structures and games. It’s easy to recreate this at home, simply go through your recycling box and pull out different Continue reading
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Hooray for Some Sunshine!!

Hooray, finally the rain stopped and some sunshine put in an appearance.  We took the opportunity to get back into the garden and get planting.  We’re on a vegetable growing mission this year, we’ve got leeks, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, tomatoes and onions amongst others, already out in their planters or growing in the greenhouse, our 7-year-old concentrated very hard whilst wrapping the runner beans around the canes and planting lots of lettuce, she had a bit of help with our mini gardeners kit which includes gloves, spade and a fork all suitable for little hands.  We all finished up very muddy and a bit proud of ourselves, we can’t wait for them all to grow so we can enjoy some fresh vegetables through the summer.

We also decided to plant something a bit different, popcorn seeds which grow into popcorn we can actually eat.    The children had great fun planting them and we’re all very excited to watch them grow, we’ll keep you updated as to how we get on but why not buy your own and let us know how you do!

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Garden Bug Hunting

What a lovely way to spend an hour before bedtime, bug hunting in the garden. The first find, the one that sparked our hunt, was a little red bug which we discovered (with the power of Google) was a red spider mite.

Then we went on the hunt for more; under rocks and flower pots, on the nettles (a secret hideout for ladybirds), amongst the long grass and in the trees.

We found a nice selection of bugs and insects much to the delight of our hunters. Here’s a selection of our finds:

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Children’s Garden Gift – Seeds and Tools

childrens garden gift setIf you’re looking for a chidlren’s gardening gift, why not buy some seeds and the tools to plant them with. Our boys and girls gardening gift sets are perfect to get children out in the garden and our seeds are ideal for giving them something nice and simple to plant and grow. If they treat their plants to a little TLC they should end up with a beautiful sunflower this summer or a cool totem pole!

Our funky seeds are just £4 per pack and our garden gift sets are a snap at £12 each.

Help a child get green fingered this spring!

For more children’s garden and nature gift ideas visit our children’s garden and nature gift section.

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Children’s Garden Gifts for the from Dylan and Grace

We have spent a lot of time out in the garden this Easter so it seems like a good time to remind you of the great children’s garden gifts we have to help your children have fun this spring and summer.

children's gardening kitChildren’s Gardening Gift Sets

Children love to get their hands dirty and our pink and blue garden gift sets are ideal for helping them do it constructively. With a little fork and trowel, a bucket and 2 plant markers, it’s ideal to get them out and planting. Select some of our funky seeds to give them something to take pride in growing from scratch.

Children's garden bird gift setChildren’s Bird Feeder Gift Set

Encourage birds into your garden with the “Me and My Birds” gift box. Children can create their own birdfeeder to hang in the trees. Not only does it Continue reading

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