About Us

About Dylan and Grace

At Dylan and Grace we love to find exciting and imagination inspiring gifts, toys, games and adventures for children ages 3-10 – but rest assured, they’re just as much fun for big kids too!

We love to find new and exciting toys that we know the children in our lives, and therefore surely the children in your lives, will love to play with to take them to new and exciting adventure worlds!

The Dylan and Grace blog is a way for us to share ideas and fun – indoor and outdoor – to make children’s lives even more exciting. We love to spend family time outdoors in all seasons and want to share our experiences. We also love to spend time crafting from the recycling box, making up games and creating treasure hunts. We want to share all this with you – and hopefully you with us – so we can all have lots of creative play fun.

We hope you love both our collection and our blog as much as we do!


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