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Homemade Advent Calendars – Christmas Crafting…

Only traditional advent calendars are allowed in our house. No chocolate Hello Kitty calendars here I’m afraid. Luckily we have very little resistance to this – as yet! This year we decided to create our own advent calendar to add to the 2 traditional calendars already lined up on our mantlepiece waiting for 1st December.

Here’s how we did it, it’s very easy so do give it a try. To help keep the suspense of what’s behind each door, why not get everyone to create one and then swap so they’ve no idea what lies underneath.

Our easy guide…
What you need:

  1. 2 x pieces of card
  2. Very sharp scissors/knife (for the grown up!)
  3. Glue
  4. Pens – or other decorating tools if you fancy

What you do:

  1. Draw a lovely Christmas scene on one of the pieces of card
  2. Turn over the card and draw Continue reading
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Our Top 5 Favourite Stocking Fillers…

Magnets Stocking FillerThe bells are getting ready to jingle, Father Christmas has ironed his suit and the elves are busy with wrap and ribbon. We’re very excited about next month’s visitor already – as our the Dylan and Grace children.

We thought we’d share with you the top Dylan and Grace stocking fillers – as selected by Father Christmas’ elves themselves!

  1. Animal Tracks Casting Kit – ideal for Christmas morning after those reindeer have left garden tracks!
  2. All About Magnetism Set – who doesn’t love putting magnets north to north and south to south to see them move all on their own!
  3. Medal Making Kit – have fun making lots of medals while also learning all about British medals, what they’re called, what they look like, who received them and when.
  4. Magnifying Bug Box – can you tell me it isn’t fun to see what insects look like up close and personal?
  5. Find & Make Robot Kit – everything you need to create a cool (and environmental friendly) robot – just add your recycling box!

Take a look at the other stocking fillers on offer at Dylan and Grace – just be quick before the elves snap them all up for themselves!

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Homemade Christmas Pudding – Y U M M Y !

We’re a little late with our Christmas pudding making this year but there’s still enough time to let it mature and taste extra scrummy.

We absolutely suggest making your own too. I am definitely a Christmas pudding convert in the last 10 years. Homemade is most definitely the way to Christmas pudding perfection. It’s also a family tradition to get together, make the pudding and each have a stir and make a wish.

If you fancy a try, here’s our recipe (tried, tested and very, very yummy!). It’s enough for a large pudding for 8.

Ingredients (excuse the ounces, my grandmother doesn’t do grams):

  • 8oz Moist Brown Sugar
  • 8oz Sultanas
  • 8oz Raisins
  • 8oz Currants
  • 4oz Candied Peel (personally, I can’t abide the stuff so Continue reading
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Junk Doggie – Recycling Creations

children's recylcing craftWhat to do with a spare couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon? Search through your recycling box and see what inspiration you can find. Add in a few bits and bobs from your craft box and the world is your recycled oyster.

We started creating without exactly knowing what the end result would be. We’re pretty pleased with the resulting pull-along puppy. Now to find a home for it before, in a few weeks, it quietly makes its way back into the box where it came from!!

Fancy making a pull along puppy?

  • You need a toilet roll, 2 empty cotton reels, 2 pipe cleaners, string, cardboard, yoghurt pot and a vegetable box
  • Cut 4 sections out of the bottom of the toilet roll Continue reading
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Beale Park – Half Term Family Fun

As today promised to be a sunny Autumn day so we had a little web search of the local area to get inspired for a day out. We chose Beale Park – or Child Beale Trust as it was when I was little. It’s a wildlife park just outside Pangbourne in Berkshire and offers lots of animals, outdoor space, play areas and picnicking (though the good old weather forecast was slightly wrong and our picnic was actually eaten cheekily inside the toy display room!!).

Here’s a quick photo story of our day…

Continue reading

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