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Fun Feast for your 5 a day!

children's cooking funIt can sometimes be a bit of a chore hitting that 5 fruit and veg portions a day. Luckily the Dylan and Grace children can happily munch through a fruit bowl in one sitting – sometimes to the point of suggesting they eat a biscuit instead! However, it’s always good to encourage tasting new fruit to both widen their tastes and give some extra vitamin variation to their 5 a day. And it’s always great to add fun to any daily task!

We decided to add a bit of fun to our 5 a day by creating a 5 a day feast – actually it probably turned out about 7 a day! It was great fun to do and helped the Dylan and Grace children practice their knife skills. Our 5 year old very proudly used a sharp knife (extremely supervised!!) which added to her enjoyment immensely.

We did use a wide variation of fruit but you could just as easily have the same fun with an apple, a banana and an orange. We also added a bit of extra Continue reading

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