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When should the stabilisers come off?

bike ridingI’m talking literal stabilisers here. Our 5 year old is bright little thing. Very quick to learn, loves to draw and write stories, loves doing wordsearches, making up games, has many imaginary friends and a very vivid imagination. However, ask her to do something physical and you’re getting into more difficult territory. So when should the stabilisers come off?

Our 2 year old loves to jump and run and bang himself and fall over and get up again and fall over again. He has done since he was very small. He was jumping when he wasn’t much more than a year old and really has little physical fear – which for adults is terrifying! However, our 5 year old was well over 2 before she could jump, was over 5 before she could swim without armbands (despite being able to swim with almost airless armbands for 2 years) and was around 5 before she could even ride a bike with stabilisers (she was however Continue reading

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Children’s Garden Gift – Seeds and Tools

childrens garden gift setIf you’re looking for a chidlren’s gardening gift, why not buy some seeds and the tools to plant them with. Our boys and girls gardening gift sets are perfect to get children out in the garden and our seeds are ideal for giving them something nice and simple to plant and grow. If they treat their plants to a little TLC they should end up with a beautiful sunflower this summer or a cool totem pole!

Our funky seeds are just £4 per pack and our garden gift sets are a snap at £12 each.

Help a child get green fingered this spring!

For more children’s garden and nature gift ideas visit our children’s garden and nature gift section.

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Children’s Garden Gifts for the from Dylan and Grace

We have spent a lot of time out in the garden this Easter so it seems like a good time to remind you of the great children’s garden gifts we have to help your children have fun this spring and summer.

children's gardening kitChildren’s Gardening Gift Sets

Children love to get their hands dirty and our pink and blue garden gift sets are ideal for helping them do it constructively. With a little fork and trowel, a bucket and 2 plant markers, it’s ideal to get them out and planting. Select some of our funky seeds to give them something to take pride in growing from scratch.

Children's garden bird gift setChildren’s Bird Feeder Gift Set

Encourage birds into your garden with the “Me and My Birds” gift box. Children can create their own birdfeeder to hang in the trees. Not only does it Continue reading

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Family Fun at the Farm…

children's farm goatA little bit of sunshine, a spare day in half term, what better thing to do than take a trip to the farm?

Usually we’d pack a picnic but with nothing but chocolate eggs in the house we picked up our raincoats (just in case!) and headed over to the farm.

We’re very lucky to have Cogges Manor Farm just around the corner from us. The perfect farm day trip.

On arrival we were greeted by wooden pigs and sheep to have a play on before we said hello to the animals and had more fun in the farm.

If you live close by and are thinking of a trip for the afternoon, here’s an idea of what to expect…

What we saw:

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New Product Excitement

At Dylan and Grace we love finding new and exciting products for our customers and the first of our new Spring range arrived at the office last week.

There was much excitement as we opened the boxes to the first 3 new lines for Spring.  They’re already on our website but here’s a brief description of each of them! Continue reading

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Latest Gifts – Little Experience Arrives at Dylan and Grace

children's craft gift kitThe latest additions to, what we believe is, our great collection of children’s gift arrived last week. There was much excitement amongst the Dylan and Grace product testers as they peered inside the new boxes.

Little Experience is a great collection of children’s gift cases. We hand selected 8 which we love.

The digger and dumper gift kit is for 4 years and upwards but our 2 and a half year old was chomping at the bit to give it a go.

Our 5 and 6 year olds couldn’t wait to get their hands on the sewing and knitting kits and our 9 year old tester was very keen to get out the glue and start on his birdhouse making kit.

Take a look at the latest Continue reading

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Easter Egged Out

nature walk family afternoon

Feeling a little Easter egged out we decided some fresh air and exercise was definitely needed to stop us going pop. Not least because I’m sure we’ll manage a little more Easter egg before bedtime!

We plumped (note the chicken and therefore egg reference!) for a walk around a fishing lake about a 15 minute drive away. We drove through Continue reading

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Easter Egg Hunting in the Garden

The Easter Bunny arrived early this week and we spent a while in the garden hunting out the treats that he left behind!

Armed with our homemade easter gift baskets we searched high and low for the goodies, the boys not doing quite so well as the girls in the finding stakes.  It took a while as the easter bunny had hidden some of them very well but once we had found everything we shared out the treats.

And this year it wasn’t all about the chocolate (although we did get a fair bit of that!), we also had some Funky Seeds so we can grow our own popcorn plants and a magnifying glass for insect hunting in the garden – so there’s still fun to be had once the chocolate’s gone!


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Easter Craft – Mini Gift Baskets

papercraft easter basketHave some special Easter craft fun making some pretty gifts for the special people in your life. We’ve had fun making little gift baskets for our family and friends. If you fancy a try, here’s how we did it…

  1. Drawer out your basket shape on card (see our pic below for the outline)
  2. Cut out
  3. Decorate however you wish – paints, pens, glitter, stickers, gems and more
  4. Glue together
  5. Stuff your basket with some tissue paper
  6. Top your basket with some chocolate eggs

And there you have a perfect, and yummy, Easter gift! Continue reading

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Easter Cooking – Classic Easter Nests

easter cooking funYou just can’t get through Easter without making at least one batch of Easter nests. Not only are they a very yummy snack, they’re also perfect Easter gifts for family and friends. Just add them into a little homemade Easter box for an extra special homemade Easter gift.

I’m sure you know what to do but just in case:

  • Gently stir 225g chocolate, 50g butter and 2 tbsps golden syrup in a saucepan until all melted
  • Take the chocolate mixture off the heat and mix in some cornflakes, crushed shredded wheat or rice crispies
  • Put into cake cases, leaving a little nest shaped dent and leave to cool for a few minutes
  • Decorate with mini chocolate eggs – and little chicks if you have them

If you fancy, you could shape it into one big nest with lots of chicks and eggs inside.

Then either deliver the gift to your recipients or, if it’s a special gift to yourselves, sit down and enjoy!

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