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Eggcellent Easter Paint and Craft

We love having a festival to focus on when it comes to having craft and creative fun. With Easter just around the corner we have lots of ideas for having some eggstra special fun!

Today’s fun was painting, sticking and creating our own special Easter eggs. We tried to think of different ways to make creations and found quite a few!

Here’s some ideas if you want to create your own:

  • Go out an about to see what you can find to craft onto your egg – our Snuffles the Hedgehog was inspired from our 5 year old spotting (and pocketing) a tiny cast off piece of broom head on the floor of our local DIY store! You’ll be able to find lots of treasures in the garden too.
  • Raid the recyling bin for packaging, boxes and more. At our school egg making competition we saw a king egg on an egg box throne in a cardboard box castle!
  • Get out the paint and make pretty patterns.
  • Recreate a nest either with real twigs or crushed shredded wheat mixed with Continue reading
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Nature Pictures in the Garden

When the sun is shining, we always try and find something to do outside. Today we decided on nature pictures from the delights of our garden

We had a little hunt around the garden to find some treasures, collected them all up in a little basket and sat down at the garden table with our creative heads on.

With some glue, scissors, pens and paper we created some masterpieces.

We had a lot of fun so get outside next time it’s sunny and see what masterpieces of your own you can create.

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Mothering Sunday Delights

Gifts for Mother's DayWell we hope everyone has had a wonderful Mothering Sunday. The Dylan and Grace mummys got some beautiful gifts so we thought we’d collectively share our delights for the fathers to come across next year when they’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas! Or for upcoming gifts for Mummys’ birthdays…

  • Breakfast in bed – I actually put in a word on Saturday evening to my 5 year old of a cup of tea and toast to make sure I didn’t get a full English as I did last year. Bless my wonderful husband for doing it but I really can’t cope with that first thing (and I mean first thing) on a Sunday morning. If you’ve a specific request, I suggest you do the same.
  • Beautiful flowers – I was lucky enough to get 2 lots! Daffodils from my 2 year old and roses from my 5 year old. Unfortunately roses with thorns aren’t the greatest choice for a 5 year old to deliver.
  • A bowl of chocolates – maltesers, freddo, giant chocolate buttons, caramel chocolates….yum!
  • Peace and quiet for a little while – unfortunately I didn’t get very much of that at all but who am I to complain when I was Continue reading
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Our Top 5 Mothers Day Gifts

Spring is in the air and with it comes that special day where we can all say thank you to our, wonderful mums!  Mothers Day is on the 18th March so why not make it extra lovely this year with some of our top 5 gifts for mums.

1) Breakfast in bed – our favourite luxurious treat, whether its toast or a full english, add a daffodil and a cup of tea and its a winner!

2)  Cake – always a yummy treat and we’ve got just the think to help, our cupcake and cookie party set comes complete with recipes, decorations, stencils and even a cake stand to show off your creations.

3)  Chores – mums love a rest so why not take over the washing up, vacuum the carpets or help out in the garden.  Get mum to put her feet up with a good book and a cup of tea, we know she’ll appreciate it.

4)  Homemade Gifts – why not get creative and make your gift this year.  We’ve got some fab products that we’re sure you’re mum will appreciate.  How about a worlds best mum medal using our medal making kit, which comes with glitter and sequins.

5)  Relaxing bath – run a nice hot bath, add some candles and some lovely bubbles and mum can relax in peace and quiet for an hour or so!

However you decide to treat your mum this Sunday we know she’ll appreciate it.  Happy Mothers Day!!


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