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Oooh, spring is in the air…let’s get in the garden

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Oxfordshire. We’re feeling so much better for a bit of sunshine and a lot of time in the great outdoors.

Much of Saturday was spent in the local park learning to ride a bike without stabilisers – there’ll be a post coming on that rest assured – but Sunday was spent enjoying our wintered out garden.

How did we have fun in the garden?

Well, us adults unfortunately had to spend a bit of time clearing out the sheds – goodbye lovely paddling pool, lost to mischievous mice (surely shredded Continue reading

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Pancake Day Fun

We love any reason for a sweet treat and pancake day is the perfect opportunity!  We’ve been busy in the kitchen rustling up some delicious pancakes and have been experimenting with lots of different toppings.  Here are our top 5!

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Taking to the skies at Fleet Air Arm Museum

Yesterday we spent a half term fun filled afternoon at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset. The museum represents the flying arm of the Royal Navy and we would definitely all (from grandparents to 2 year olds) recommend a visit.

We had hands on investigation of how aeroplanes and helicopters fly and what they’re made of. We even computer generated our own plane – both of which would actually Continue reading

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Snow Fun – Animal Track Hunting

We had a fun walk to school this morning looking for animal tracks in the snow. “We would have have missed all this if we’d gone in the car” – 5 year old thumbs up despite the “please can we go in the car” protests before leaving home.

What did we find? Unfortunately, despite walking through the usually squirrel filled cemetery, the squirrels were safely tucked up warm in their holes, we were all slightly disappointed. However we did find some cool bird tracks and a variety of different sixed dogs prints – I’m not very good at identifying dogs by looking at them let alone from their paw prints. However we did see big dog prings and small dog prints!!!

We will have another look on the way home later to see if we can find any other animals that have ventured out. Let us know what you find.

bird now animal tracks

Don’t forget, if you ever want to keep an animal track print forever, take a look at our animal print casting kit in our children’s nature gifts collection. Not sure how it would work in snow mind!?


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Family Afternoon Out – Ice Skating Sensation

For the first time in almost 20 years (that really does make me feel old!!) I took to the ice this weekend – that is at an ice skating rink, not out on local pond despite the weather possibly allowing. I wasn’t that great 20 years ago and I have to admit I wasn’t completely sure how I’d get on. Luckily I had a pair of 5 year olds to blame for me having to go very slowly and hesitantly(!?!).

Our 5 year old is really quite hesitant when it comes to all things physical and normally takes a lot of encouragement and confidence building before she’ll properly get involved. However, I was really surprised. We had quite a lot of bambi legs to start with (the 5 year old not me) but a strong Mummy arm kept her more or less upright. After a little while – about an hour actually but Continue reading

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Creative Craft Idea – Homemade Jigsaws

As it was such a cold afternoon yesterday we had a little think about what we could do that was fun but didn’t involve going anywhere near our shoes and the back door. We decided on making our own jigsaw puzzles!

We all love jigsaw puzzles at Dylan and Grace and decided making our own could be fun.

We each spent a very enjoyable while carefully drawing a colourful picture on some thick card and then turned our masterpieces into fab little jigsaws.

Fancy making one of your own? It’s simple… Continue reading

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