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Homemade Christmas Gift Idea – Swan Lake Ballet Outfit

swan lake outfit gift for girlI know it may be a little late in the day now but if you’re very keen and have some spare time you may be able to get some Christmas gift inspiration from this blog piece this side of Christmas. If not, maybe it might be useful for next year – or a birthday gift for a special little girl during 2012.

Last week (even then it was a little late in the day, I know) I decided that my little ballet loving daughter should have a swan lake outfit for Christmas….and that I should make it myself. I do like a bit of a challenge and love to test my creativity.

So, off I went to the material shop to see what inspiational material I could find.

Novices Take Note!!
Believe me, I am very much a novice on a sewing machine. I have made one dress for my daughter (with my lovely mother’s assistance), 2 pairs of curtains and a few creations here and there. Very rarely do I achieve a completely straight line, often there is cursing but I always absolutely love the pride Continue reading

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Christmas Craft Fun – Homemade Christmas Cards

homemade christmas cardsAnother advent afternoon, another afternoon of Christmas craft fun. This time, we were making the rather unexciting task of writing our Christmas cards exciting.

Last year we kept all our Christmas cards so we could have some craft fun this year – and the end results were pretty fab!

We got out our Christmas craft glitter, glue and pipe cleaners and got to work. With a little cutting skills, some skillful gluing and some hidden sellotape and blue tack we made some superb Christmas cards that the aunties, uncles, nannies and grandads will all love. A special homemade gift.

What you need:

  • Card – you can buy blank cards from stationery shops, we just folded in half some card we were lucky enough for Daddy to provide Continue reading
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Christmas Craft Fun – Pretty Paper Baubles

Christmas tissue paper baubleWe have spent the afternoon up to our elbows in tissue paper. We decided to try and make some pretty Christmas paper baubles to add a homemade touch to our tree, I have to admit it took a couple of attempts but the results are very rewarding. Opening out the bauble in all its beauty is a proud moment!

If you feel like having a go yourself there’s a little how-to below. A couple of pointers from us though:

  • We found glue sticks the best type of glue to use as they didn’t make the tissue paper soggy (our first attempt was about 60% OK, 40% soggy!)
  • Keep the glue dots quite small and as even as possible for a more even looking bauble

What you need: Continue reading

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Children’s Craft Idea – Papier Mache Pigs

paper craft papier mache pigMy 5 year old had a friend round for a few hours recently so I had a little think of what I could come up with to help them have some fun without the “What shall we do?”, “I don’t want to play that”, “I want to be the mummy, not the daddy” discussions.

What I came up with I have to say I slightly regretted part way through but the end results were worth it and they had a lot of fun – though we still had the “mine’s bigger than yours”, “I’ve done more layers than you”, “mine’s pinker than yours” talk!

What was my inspiration? Papier Mache Pigs.

We had some left over balloons from a birthday party that were starting to deflate so I thought it would help me in getting rid of  droopy balloons (something that 5 year olds don’t think is necesary). They each picked a balloon and we all sat down to make Continue reading

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Children’s Craft Ideas – Fun Factual Spinny Spinner

paper craftMy 5 year old took it upon herself to make a rabbit knowledge spinner (until she needed assistance putting it all together). It was such a good idea I thought I’d share.

She had been drawing pictures and was making spider diagrams drawing lines to different bits of the things she was drawing and writing each parts name. She then decided it would be a good idea to turn the idea into a Spinny Spinner (inspired name!). She drew a picture of her favourite animal (at that moment in time it was a rabbit) and drew different rabbit related things around the edge. She then cut it into a circle and cut another circle to go over the top. With a little parental assistance we cut out a section of the upper circle and put a pin in the middle to make it spin.

The result – a Spinny Spinner of rabbit facts with great pictures and facts: Continue reading

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Intergalatic Fun – Space Centre Fun Day

milton keynes space centerFor Father’s Day this year, my children promised to take their Daddy to the National Space Centre in Leicester (he’s a bit of an amateur astronomer). Day to day life crept in on many occasion meaning we finally took him to space this weekend – almost 6 months late, whoops.

On arriving at the space centre we were greeted with a floating spaceman and then entered through space style doors just to get us even more in the mood.

It was a really fun afternoon out. There were a lot of activites for the children (we didn’t have to queue for any but do bear in mind that we went in November) including simulated jumping on the moon, space rubbings, lego making in space gloves and hit the flashing lights reactions test.

There were also so many things to look at and, as a space loving family, we found out lots on interesting facts and figures about space missions and got up to date with the very latest space news. We also went inside the columbus shuttle and saw how an astronaut sleeps and showers (neither looked very relaxing!), created a storm in a weather sphere and shared roles as spaceman and control tower.

The best part of all though, was Continue reading

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Christmas Craft Fun – Santa’s Workshop

Last week we paid a visit to our local pound shop. If you haven’t visited one recently, go and have a wander round. We found some really fantastic Christmas craft ideas for just a pound a time. You can also pick up some bargain Christmas decorations for cutting up and making new masterpieces.father christmas' craft workshop

I’m sure they’ll be lots of posts over the coming week showing you the different craft fun we’ve had from our local pound shop but this post is highlighting the Santa’s Workshop we found.

All together in one pack, all we needed to was stick together and add a little imagination to decorate. Since making the fabulous little workshop we have had several hours of fun making up Christmas storries, imagining what’s in the presents and reenacting Father Christmas visiting our house on Christmas Eve.

You could always give this a go yourself, you would just need glue, sellotape, some foam sheets and a creative imagination. We would normally start from scratch but at a pound, we just couldn’t resist.

Take a little trip yourself and see what you can find.

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