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Halloween Fun (without trick or treating)!

Now that Halloween has (in my opinion, unfortunately) well and truly taken hold in the UK – certainly in supermarkets at least – it’s hard to make Halloween really exciting when you really don’t want to allow 5 year olds to go out trick or treating – I’m afraid I just disagree with the whole concept.

For the first time this year we’ve had a lot of excitement that Halloween is coming so we’ve been forced to think about how to make it exciting – preferably without sending our children knocking on strangers’ doors.

In actual fact we’ve all had a lot of fun and this is exactly how:

  • Spent an afternoon carving our pumpkinPumpkin Carving for Halloween Creativity
    The nearer it gets to Halloween the cheaper you can get a pumpkin. Last year we actually grew our own which made it even more special!! This year, we saved the seeds from the middle of our pumpkin so we can plant some again next spring.
  • Horrored up for Strictly
    Our new Saturday night routine involves our 5 year old being allowed to stay up for Strictly Come Dancing. This Saturday’s Halloween special meant we could add to our Halloween fun. We face painted our faces, put out some treats around our lit pumpkin, put (pretend!!) spiders and snakes amongst Continue reading
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Autumn Nature Treasure Fun

Every season has its fun and today we made the most of the outdoor Autumn loveliness. It may have been a little rainy but that didn’t put us off, in fact, it made it all the better.Autumn Park Treasure Walk

We decided to go on an outdoor half term nature treasure hunt. We took our treasure bag (well plastic bag actually but little minds have great imagination), our wellies, umbrellas and waterproofs and went for a walk in the park.

We decided to just see what we could find but another fun option is to make a list of things to try and find before you go.

We had a lot of fun rummaging through the autumn leaves Continue reading

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Scary Halloween Food Fun!!

We love a good party and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for some spooky fun.  We’ve had some great fun in the kitchen practising some scary halloween treats for our party and thought it would be only fair tHalloween Scary Worm Jelly Glasseso share them.

Slimy Snake Jelly

You will need:

  • 2 packs of jelly in different colours
  • small glasses
  • jelly worms – post supermarkets or newsagents sell these

Then: Continue reading

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Adventuring Scavenger Loveliness

We are lucky enough to have had the most beautiful scavenger hunt we have seen shared with us.

If you have an afternoon free and are wondering what to do with it, go on a beautiful scavenger hunt. We did and all the children loved it. You’ll be amazed with the things you find to tick off your list.

Take a look and if you’ve seen anything better yourself, we would love to see it! Continue reading

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How many conkers?!!

All children love conker season but having bags of conkers lying on the sideboard, in the bedroom, in the garden can get a bit annoying. We have a couple of ideas to have some conker fun before you throw them discreetly into the garden waste.

  1. And probably most important in my opinion, did you know that conkers are a very good spider deterrent?Conker Faces and Bugs Put them in the corners of your rooms to keep the little creepers away. Especially great this time of year – the time we often call spider season! Don’t believe us? Google it. OK, some people don’t believe it but I say it’s worth a try!
  2. Prettify your conkers. We had a lot of fun creating conker faces, insects and just plain beaufitul. This is a pic of some of our creations, I’m sure you’ll agree they won’t make the Tate Modern but we did have some fun!
  3. Continue reading

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