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Post Holiday Craft Me Up

So you come back from the holiday you’ve been looking forward to for months and you meet the post holiday blues. Craft Creation of the Isle of Wight NeedlesIf you’ve never seen them, they’re little green critters who focus their purple bloggly eyes on trying to get you down.

Well, we spent a few afternoons after our holiday sending them packing. How did we do it?

  1. We spent some time looking at our holiday pictures and reliving the fun
  2. We picked a couple of pictures of our favourite holiday sites and adventures
  3. We rummaged in the recycling bin
  4. We rummaged in the colouring drawer
  5. We rummaged in the craft box
  6. We made this!! And a few more like it!

In case you were wondering – though I’m sure you know already – this fantastic creation is of the Isle of Wight needles. Yes, we do know the lighthouse to cliff ratio is a little out of kilter!

There’s hours of fun to be had with paint and glue – if you’re feeling empty of ideas, take a look at our bake and create section for inspiration.

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Welcome to the Dylan and Grace blog

Hi there and welcome to the Dylan and Grace blog. On top of offering a wide range of children’s toys, games and gifts, all with the aim of inspiring your children’s imaginations, we decided we would also love to share any little inspirations, findings, thoughts and experiences to help spread the world of imaginary and exploratory play – the best kind!

If you’ve anything you want to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy sharing with us – oh, and don’t forget to visit our main site too –

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